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World War Two Watches
& Military Watches

WORLD WAR 2 saw real innovation in Wristwatch design and function. Driven purely by the demands of a war that was far more technologically driven than WW1, the fact that the war was being conducted on land, sea and air and in multiple theatres of war simultaneously meant that watches had to be durable and functional as well, so the A11 Hack Watch was born a watch that allowed troops to synchronise watches and created in a joint partnership between Bulova,Elgin & Waltham (some say it was the Watch that won the war). The Hamilton Marine Chronometer, the British ATP (we call them the Tommy’s Watch) watches and Dirty Dozen, along with watches used by the Wehrmacht and Soviet Union, we have here a range of Affordable Vintage Watches that Militarily reflect the turbulent and dark times these watches were made and worn in.

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