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1970's Watches

The 1970's Nixon, Watergate, the end of the Vietnam War, the Oil Crisis, the birth of Punk Music, and Industrial Unrest, this was the decade that changed the watch industry for good, with Seiko launching the first Quartz watch, in a few years the marketplace was saturated with cheap very accurate Quartz watches initially LED and LCD watches, this was the last straw for many American Watch Brands, who either collapsed, closed down or were bought up and amalgamated. The Swiss Watch industry was also nearly brought to its knees as suddenly demand for mechanical watches nosedived, and whilst this was a challenging time nonetheless amazing watches were still produced during this period, the watches becoming larger in size with more features, watches from this decade are now much sought after.

From a mechanical watch producers perspective the 70’s was nothing short of apocalyptic, old and well established watch brands were just swept away in a blink of an eye, our range of Affordable Vintage Watches here reflect the tumultuous changes in Watch Manufacturing which virtually destroyed the American Watch Industry and came pretty close to finishing production of Swiss and European Watch brands as well.

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