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1960's Watches

The 1960's The era that changed everything ! The Beatles, JFK, Swinging London, Psychedelics, Pop Art, Fashion,James Bond all driven by a young generation that wanted to break away from the staid and old fashioned lifestyle of the 40’s & 50’s , the Swiss Watch Industry started taking market share from The Americans, Watch wise the decade started in October 1960 with the launch of the Bulova Accutron, revolutionary for its time the decade ending with NASA landing on the moon with all the astronauts wearing Omega Speedmaster Professional watches.

As a London based business this decade remains our favourite, it was for only a short period but London became the epicentre of a new movement in art, music, fashion and design, the term Swinging London was a reflection of those times, we have a decent range of Affordable Vintage Watches from this amazing period, our watches reflect the design and flair of the time with technological excellence from both American and European Watch Brands.

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