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We have gathered together a collection of sites which we use, either because they offer a wealth of information and knowledge about the Watch Brands we feature on our site or simply because we really like them !
Watch this space as we will continually add more interesting sites to inform, educate and excite.


The most authoritative and informative site for all things Bulova watches, you can check when your Watch was made, the movement and a lot of history regarding the brand including its advertising and marketing. A fascinating site. Highly recommended.

The first site we recommend is a world of information on one site about many of the brands we sell here, run by Kevin James an American watchmaker, it is a source of history for ALL the major American and most important European Brands.

In addition info on serial numbers for all American Watch Brands and a few European ones plus other Vintage Watch facts and information.This is a ‘Go To’  site and recommended.

A great site for dating the model and movement of your vintage Gruen Watch

For Elgin Watches we suggest two great sources of information they are:

Everything you need to know about Elgin Watches, you can date your Elgin or Elgin movement here as well as a wealth of info on one of America’s top watch brands.

The Elgin Watch Co History

For Gruen Watches

Offers as comprehensive an overview on Bulova Watches as Bulova facts allow.

For a history of Gruen Watches from 1874-1958 and very comprehensive it is too. 

For Benrus

The history of Benrus Watches on a Watch forum

For Helbros

A very informative site, full of interesting facts about Helbros Watches

Other interesting sites are:

Electric Watches were a short lived precursor to the advent of the Quartz Watch, we have a number of these watches in stock,  barely making it through one decade, there were only a few brands that decided to be far thinking and create watches for the future. We do recommend this site.

For all things men related, especially Sartorial elegance and featuring Vintage Watches, a great combination.

A great online Watch Magazine, created for collectors and people who love watches. Features Vintage and Modern timepieces.

A general article led Watch site featuring both vintage and new watches

This is for those top end vintage Watch freaks, Allesandro Ciani has been collecting amazing watches for many years, you will just drool over his collection! 

A truly great site for Watch geeks, help how to collect  vintage watches and  build up your own collection as well as how to learn to repair your own watches, recommended.

A guide for those with deep pockets who like fine and luxury watch brands

Really interesting site offers a guide on numerous vintage Swiss Brands, Japanese and Russian Watches. Well worth a browse.

A great site for all things Vintage Longines, very thorough and a lot of info available.

Although they manufacture very high quality Watch Straps which are as close to the original authentic straps of the period than you can find to be fitted to WW1 Trench Watches, this site is so much more, for those who are interested in Pocket Watches and WW1 Trench Watches, this site is a veritable mine of information, from identification of Manufacturers of these watches to explaining in great detail what constitutes a Trench Watch and what you should look out for when purchasing one. We use it ourselves! One of the most definitive sites for that period of watch.

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