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Retro Watches

The dictionary definition of Retro is relating to, reviving or being the styles and especially the fashions of the past i.e. fashionably nostalgic or old fashioned.


Well, the dictionary version and what we consider Retro differ.


Retro Watches in our opinion might use elements of past design, but actually are watches primarily but not exclusively produced between the 1960’s and 1970’s whose cutting edge design, use of unusual materials and sheer boldness sets them apart from what is considered more conventional design.

The use of Asymmetric designs, coupled with new technologies makes these watches stand out, these watches are every bit about design as they are about watchmaking, our collection includes designs by top designers like Pierre Cardin, Dior and Balmain but also a wide range of the wild, whacky and sometimes bizarre watches produced over that period.


Retro watches are not only collectible, they are an increasing asset, but most importantly they are a talking point and wearing one will get noticed.


We would recommend buying a book called Retro Watches by Josh Sims & Mitch Greenblatt and published by Thames & Hudson, this book is a great introductory way of bringing together a great collection of watches produced under this heading and does feature quite a number of the watches we include in our carefully curated collection.

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