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Vintage Watches

Wristwatches have always had the knack to be so much more than just a means of telling the time. They are a miniature piece of history, reflecting the decades they were made in and the fashion of the times, be it peace or wartime, you can tell so much about a watch  just from looking at it.

A little about us, we have backgrounds in Retail Jewellery and Marketing  and are madly passionate about vintage Mechanical watches.  We specialise in American Watch Brands who for many decades in our opinion designed the best looking watches in the world ,  we have a large collection of all the main American Brands, in addition to many Swiss and European Made watches from across the decades. We admit we do have our favourites, check out our collection, they won't be the normal brands you might expect !


We source our watches from across the globe but principally in the USA and Europe, this is done through our network of dealers, auction houses and individuals internationally.

The vintage watches sold here are both affordable,  increase in value over the years and are as individualistic as the person wearing them, these watches will not on be on sale in retailers all over the country, you will be wearing a watch which very few people will possess. Maintain them and they will run for many years.

Should you be looking for a particular watch but can't see it here, drop us a line at, we have a lot more stock than is  shown here, and if we don't have what you are looking for we will happily find it for you. 


All our watches are tested for accuracy and timekeeping prior to dispatch and a timekeeping report will accompany the watch which will have been timed over a 72 hour period, if it requires any attention this will be noted, thus allowing the new owner to decide if the watch needs servicing sooner or later.

Should a watch be found not to be working at all prior to dispatch the customer can choose either an immediate full refund or the watch repaired at our expense. This we feel is a fair way of doing things.


In addition a Free Valuation Document will accompany the watch for Insurance Purposes.

We also repair vintage watches and can provide pretty much anything from new glasses, batteries, to full servicing and dial restoration services.

We always recommend that mechanical watches are serviced regularly to get the best performance.

We hope you enjoy the site and look forward to be of service to you.

We describe our watches both pictorially and descriptively honestly and brutally.


We concentrate on the aesthetic looks of the watch as that is the main reason we believe the majority of people buy wrist watches, but for those that are interested we provide the necessary information regarding the type of movement that is contained within the Watch case.

All watches are sold in working condition unless stated otherwise.

Pictorially we aim to show the watches totally on the basis of ‘What You See Is What You Get’  we could have used nice set designs and editing suites to airbrush imperfections and cast the watch in a more attractive light, but we prefer to show the watch as it actually is. 

 All pictures were taken mainly in natural daylight or with a minimal amount of enhanced lighting, and were taken using either a basic SLR or in some cases believe it or not the surprisingly versatile cameras on an iPhone 11 Pro ! 



Descriptively we grade our watches in the following ways:

Fair – Watches which a fair amount of scratches to the case, or dials which show a fair degree of age

Good – Watches with few scratches overall in good condition, the dial being readable and clear

Very Good- Watches with very little in the way of scratches or marks and a very clean looking dial

Excellent – Watches that are almost pristine in both condition of the case and glass

New Old Stock – These watches have never been worn and are in Showroom Condition.

We don’t sell Poor looking watches, unless they have an exceptional story or a Providence of note.

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