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This is a rather nice watch and fairly rare, American Railroad Watches started way back at the end of 19th Century when the Railways were the most important long haul means of travel, initially Pocket  Watches these were carried through the to the introduction  of the Wrist Watch, they were initially produced for Railway personnel to time the departures and arrivals of trains, but were also available on general sale as well. 

This example dates to about 1960 with printed 60 minute numeral markings, unusual hands combination of Mercedes Hour and P,use Minute Hand with Long Red Second Hand. 

The chrome plated case with a steel back is in very good condition as is the dial which shows little signs of ageing. 

Inside the case is a 17 Jewel Swiss Lever A65/AS 1686 movement 


Cosmetically Overall in very good condition and r


c.1960 Waltham Railroad Gents Dress Watch

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