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1918 Sterling Silver Unbranded 24 Hour Dial Military Trench Watch.


This watch has Sterling Silver case and is Hallmarked London 1918 with George Stockwell Case marks. This is a rare watch for the following reasons :

This was the first 24 Hour style Watch which were available to British Officers, the reason for this is simple the British Army only adopted 24 hour time in the very late stages of the war, before this ack-emma and pip-emma were used to denote a.m. and p.m. for example the attack will commence at seven thirty ack-emma etc.


Whilst the British Navy had begun using 24 hour time officially in 1915 the British Army didn't adopt this till 1st October 1918, when the war was nearly finished.


Whilst we have seen a few in Nickel, this is the first London marked Sterling Silver Watch we have laid our hands on. 

Cosmetically overall this is in very good condition and running well 

1918 Unbranded Sterling Silver 24 hour Dial Trench Watch Very Rare

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