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1914 Unbranded Sterling SilverTrench Watch. Property of Pte E Colebrook

Hallmarked London 1914, the watch case is in very good condition, some hairline cracks on the enamel dial but nothing too serious.

We know this watch has a history, the engraving on the back says the following 'Presented to Pte.E .Colebrook By His Friends For Services Rendered To King & Country 29 Jan 1917. This engraving does suggest that the recipient had already served and had been wounded. Which narrowed down our search.


Having gone through Military Records of the time we can find not one but two Privates named E.Colebrook, one served with the Lancashire Fusiliers the other with the East Yorkshire Regiment, both coincidentally both were wounded during the Somme Offensive and both were allowed to wear a wounded stripe on their uniforms based on an order made on the 6th July 1916


Either way this is a Hero's Watch which is cosmetically overall in good condition and is running well.

1914 Sterling Silver Unbranded Trench Watch Property of Pt E Colbrook

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