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You might be wondering why we have an Art Gallery and it’s a good question, we have always believed that watches are a lot more than just a means for telling the time, they are an adornment, yes, a fashion accessory most definitely and in a lot of cases art through design.
Over many decades in the 20th Century Watch Brands through Press advertising, Posters, and Point of Sale have tried to give their brands the personality to stand out from their competitors, and raise awareness for their watches,  some extremely talented artists were brought in to help create that imagery, and some of their work whilst trying to sell a product transcends that, in other cases the advertising portrays a moment in time in what was a turbulent, innovative but fascinating Century.
So enjoy, strolling through these archives, we will soon be adding a further area where you can purchase if you so wish pieces of watch art, so please look out for that ! 

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