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This is a Moeris British Armed Forces Military Watch

ATP -Army Trade Pattern Marked from c.1939-40.

At the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 the Ministry Of Defence had a contract with 16 Swiss Maufacturers  the brands included Ebel, Timor, Rotary, Enicar, Moeris and others and were a precursor to the much sought after Dirty Dozen WW2 watches which came a bit later, however these  ATP models are also now much sought after as well, there were only 133,000 of these commissioned and a lot were lost or damaged during the war indeed these were meant to have been destroyed as the fighting drew to a close, but many journeyed into civilian life post war, but by now working models are getting much rarer to find.

This Gents Moeris Military watch has seen action, the case which is plated stainless steel is suffering from plate loss particularly on the sides, the dial does show some signs of age,but that is in the form of a cream/ golden patina which only ageing can produce, the watch oozes character and history.Inside the case is a Moeris 10.5c Caliber Swiss Jewel lever Movement. 


The watch has recently been serviced and is currently running very well and keeping good time. 


WW2 Moeris Ministry Of Defence issued ATP British Gents Military Watch

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