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We have never seen one of these beauties before not only rare but in near immaculate condition. 
This is we believe is an early 1960's Waltham Permaforce Alarm Watch, now we have seen a number of Waltham Alarm Watches from this period but not one of these. 
It's condition is somewhere between Excellent and New Old Stock, there is barely a scratch on it and the few that there are mainly on the steel back and they would need to be magnified to be visible,the dial is absolutely pristine.
Now we have a problem, we cannot get the inner movement cover to budge without scratching it, so we'd rather let the new owner have the pleasure, what we know is this, this Watch was made at a very turbulent time for Waltham,  the original company Waltham Watch Co went out of business in 1957, but before it did however in the USA it had merged with the  Hallmark Watch Co and in Europe had founded a subsidiary company  Waltham International SA these would produce Waltham models with Swiss ebauches movements to sell  in all markets outside of North America. Leaving the Hallmark Watch Co, to market Waltham watches in the USA and that folks is where we think our model comes from. We believe this is pretty rare, and then taking into account its condition I don't think we will have it for very long !
Both the Alarm and Watch functions are working well. 

Waltham Permaforce 1960’s Gents Alarm Watch

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