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This is a Gents Vulcain Watch from around we think 1938/9. It has a story. 

Presented to Lance Sgt.A Wadsworth from Sgts of the 1st Middlesex Regiment we date this to around 1938.
This was the 1st Battalion Middlesex Regiment Also  known as The Die Hards. 

Shortly after this watch was presented the battalion was shipped to their new posting which was in the Far East. It was in Hong Kong that in 1942 the Japanese attacked in overwhelming numbers and after a hard fought engagement the battalion was forced to surrender. Those who weren't killed or seriously wounded, were made into POWs. 

The case is Nickel Silver Plate, the dial shows plenty of wear, however the numerals are still readable and clear, the Vulcain logo has faded.  
Inside the case is a 15 Jewel lever movement signed Vulcain 


Cosmetically this has seen wear and tear, however it has plenty of vibe, looks great on the wrist and works well. 

c.1938 Vulcain Presentation Military Watch 1st Battalion Middlesex Reg

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