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If you want a watch that will raise eyebrows on your wrist, this is what some people call a marriage watch, we call it 'why not weld some lugs to an old pocketwatch and wear it as a wristwatch !'. Anyway whatever it is it's big ! The watch itself appears to have been made in the 40's but it could be later there's just no way of knowing, we think this was put together in the 60's. 
This particular watch is in  good condition, some plate loss and scratches but overall not bad, the dials in excellent condition, , the movement which is visible through a glass back seem to be of a basic nature and is signed with the company's logo Mocba CCCP

Cosmetically overall in good condition and not a Watch you'll bump into everyday and runs well ! 

Soviet Russian UM Kupoba Military Pilots Watch

Out of Stock
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