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We believe this to be a rare watch,


This Sterling Silver Gruen Watch is Hallmarked London 1912 and has George Stockwell marks as the case maker, the movement is a 15 Jewel Lever Watch Specialities Co, a Gruen subsidiary company that bought movements from other Swiss manufacturers under this banner. 


It's the engraving on the back which is really interesting. The engraving simply says B Squadron 1913. Having done research we believe that 'B' Squadron are actually 4th Squadron Royal Flying Corp based at Farnborough and were formed in 1912. This watch we believe belonged to a very early pre war pilot in the RFC. Making this a pretty rare piece of Aviation history. 

The case is in very good condition, the numerals on the dial have faded in some places completely however it's still perfectly readable. 


Cosmetically overall this is good condition for its age and running well

Rare 1912 Gruen Royal Flying Corp Sterling Silver Trench Watch

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