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This rather rare Eterna Kontiki 10 Automatic.

The Kontiki models of the 1950’s and 60’s are arguably
some of Eterna’s greatest flagship models.Solidly 
made in every respect and favoured by Divers and 
Military personnel during that time. 

The rarer Kontiki ‘10’ ( as opposed to the ‘20’ which 
more people recognise ) was produced to celebrate the
10th Anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl's famous voyage to 

It shares the same 1489K automatic 
movement as £5000 plus Super Kontiki Divers Watch 
from the same period.

This watch features a well defined silver sunburst dial 
with black and silver batons and matching hands. The 
dial is in great condition with only minor patina around 
the batons.

The case is in very good condition and still has its original winder with the Eterna logo clearly visible.

Eterna Kontiki 10 Gents Automatic c.1968

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