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c.1972 Tressa Lux Spaceman Watch.


In the late sixties Claude Lebet, owner of the Bulle based watch brand Catena asked Andre Le Marquand to create a timepiece inspired by man's conquest of the moon and the astronauts who made it there. Mr. Le Marquand provided him with his first wristwatch design called, what else, the "Spaceman." The Spaceman was unlike anything seen before and Catena introduced the range at the Basel Fair of 1972. The large oval case appeared to be docked on your wrist held by a triple-forked Corfam strap by DuPont. The case also had a coned dome crystal half concealed by a colored metal visor that allowed viewing of the dial to only the wearer. All hands and markers were perfectly seventies orange with models in a variety of colors only possible during that special decade. The watches were powered by automatic and manual winding mechanical ETA movements and were distributed by a variety brands, among them Jules Jurgensen, Fortis, Zeno and in this case Tressa.


These are now highly sought after, if you want a watch that is guaranteed to stand out this and the second version brought out a few years later and also designed by Andre Le Marquand will definitely do the job !

This particular watch is in good condition, the metal visor is a metallic brown and is in good condition, the watch does have it's original Corfam strap but these were never meant to last 50 years and the original strap is cracking, so we will supply this with an additional new White Leather Strap should the new owner wish to replace the original ( example photo shown) 


Cosmetically overall in good condition and running well 

c.1972 Tressa Lux Marquand Designed Spaceman Watch

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