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c.1953 Elgin Fremont Gents Dress Watch


A rare beastie this, they don't come up very often and their value is increasing yearvon year. Made at a time when American brands  returning to civilian production after the war years were trying to re-establish themselves and retake market share from the Swiss brands that had during the war years taken advantage of the fact that American watch brands had to by Government order switch production to military timers and watches. So the brands went for unusual designs and new technologies like the Hamilton Electric watches, so watches like the Fremont, the Golf Ball, the Ventura etc were all part of stamping an American design stamp on their products to try and woo the American consumer to buy American. 

This watch has  a 10k Gold Filled case and is in very good condition the dial shows a little wear but nothing serious. 
Inside the case is a 19 Jewel Elgin Cal.681 movement. 

Cosmetically overall this is in very condition and running well. 

c.1953 Elgin Fremont Gents Dress Watch

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