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c.1935 Hamilton Sekron Doctors Watch 


Between 1935-1941 Hamilton made a line of watches called the Sekron these watches had a dual dial style, these  were considered as more of a tool than a fashion accessory, it's was therefore marketed as 'the professional watch' and because it's easy to read whilst taking a pulse it became known as the Sekron Doctors Watch. Since it was marketed to a limited market few were sold making these rather rare.


This particular watch is in very good condition, it has a 14K Gold Filled case  which at some point had an engraving which has faded to such an extent that you can barely make out the lettering, the black dial is in excellent condition for its age.

Inside the case is a 17 Jewel American made Hamilton 980B Movement signed Hamilton USA.


Cosmetically overall this is in very good condition and it's running well. 

c.1935 Hamilton Sekron Doctors Watch Rare

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