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c.1929 Gruen 9ct White & Red Gold Gruen Gents Dress Watch 


Sometimes just sometimes a watch comes in that you are loathe to sell as you’d like to have it in your personal collection, this is one of those watches, the photo really doesn’t do it justice either. 


It’s a 9ct White and Red Gold cased Gruen Gents Dress Watch, although it has a UK imported hallmark the date mark has worn away with age, but we think this was made sometime between 1929- 1931. 


The case has a very similar look to the Rolex Prince and that shouldn’t be too surprising. We believe that Swiss Watchmaking firm Jean Aegler designed and manufactured both watches. Both Rolex and Gruen bought a large shareholding in Aegler SA  at the end of WW1 and Aegler then described themselves as Fabrique Des Montres Rolex & Gruen Guild A. This partnership arrangement continued for many years, with both cases and movements made and assembled in Bienne Switzerland by Aegler. 


Supposedly the agreement was that Rolex would sell their watches in Europe, Asia and the British Empire, and Gruen would sell theirs in the USA, which makes this American Branded watch with a British Hallmark a bit of an anomaly. 


Suffice to say this is a stunningly beautiful and very rare watch, with a beautiful silver floral patterned Guilloche dial. The movement is a 15 Jewel Gruen Guild.


Cosmetically overall this watch is in very good condition both case and dial show little wear considering its age, it's a stunningly beautiful watch and the Movement is running well.



c.1929 Gruen 9ct Yellow & Red Gold Gents Dress Watch

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