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We are fortunate to have a few of these models in stock presently as these are getting harder to come by in good condition.


What does a WW2 US War Hero General and this watch range have in common ?  Well General Omar Bradeley who commanded the 1st US Army Group at the Normandy landings and then 1.3 million men in the 12th US Army Group after that, was the Chairman of R&D at Bulova Watches in the early 1950's and signed off on this groundbreaking and innovative range of watches. The Bulova 23 did have a 23 Jewel movement but it was actually a whole range of diversely designed watches that were produced between 1954-1964.


This Model is a Gents 1954 '23' H from the first year of production, it's in between fair and good condition. The case is 10k White Gold Filled with a steel back, there some scratches mainly around the lugs we need to bring your attention to.The Black sunburst dial shows little signs of wear and the raised silver batons are clear and visible.

Inside the case there is a Bulova 10BPAC 23 Jewel Automatic Movement signed Bulova Watch Co. USA

Cosmetically overall this is in fair to good condition and running well

Bulova ‘23’ H 1954 Selfwinding Gents Dress Watch

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