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The Anker Watch Brand was founded in Munich in 1912 it was owned by the Andreas Huber Company who were clockmakers appointed to the Court of The King Of Bavaria. All business was suspended over WW1 but during the years between the Wars the company thrived even receiving the contract to provide the timing for the Winter Olympics, during WW2 the offices, workshops and sales headquarters were totally destroyed. Post war the business was rebuilt on the same site and started producing high quality wrist watches.

This Watch is a Date Pointer Model we date from the early 1950's, the case is in good condition yellow gold plate with a steel back, A few scratches but nothing serious, the dial is gold turquoise and black sunburst is in good condition with few signs of wear.

Inside the case is an unsigned 15 Jewel lever movement. 
'Cosmetically overall this is in good condition and running well. 

Anker Gents Dress Watch, Date Pointer c.1952

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