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This is a  Seiko Model 6139-6002  also known as The Pogue Pepsi Model.

Why The Pogue ? Well, in 1973 Colonel William Pogue brought his Seiko 6139 on board the Skylab 4 Mission as part of his personal kit, and although not flight approved by NASA he was allowed to take it on board where he used it to time burns, thus becoming the Automatic Chronograph in space. 

The watch here is in good overall condition, the case shows signs of wear as does the bracelet and chapter ring. The dial is immaculate and the glass has been recently replaced by a Seiko 6139 NOS glass,


Both the Watch and Chronograph work well, cosmetically overall this is in good condition for its age. 

1970’s Seiko 6139 The Pogue Pepsi Automatic Gents Chronograph

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