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1970's Nepro Minu-Stop Gents Parking Watch 


Long before the iWatch these watches were produced, their main aim was to stop the wearer getting a parking ticket, parking meters are and were a pain that all motorists had to put up with in City and Town Centres and officious Parking Wardens who liked nothing more than slapping a nice parking ticket on your car and ruining your day !  This watches timer is set to one hour, you set the alarm and when your time is up the alarm on your wrist goes off an you scramble off to re park the car ! 

The case is Gold plated with a steel back and is in very good condition, the dial is immaculate, inside the case is a 17 Jewel Swiss Lever Movement. 


Cosmetically Overall this is in excellent condition and running well 

1970’s Nepro Minu-Stop Gents Parking Watch

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