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This is a fairly rare watch, in a period that started in the late 50's with the Hamilton Pacer/Altair/Ventura series, continued with the 1960's Bulova Accutrons with their Tuning Fork movements and ended in the 1970's with hybrid Electronic watches part mechanical part circuit, these watches were totally decimated by the advent of Quartz Watches in the mid to late 70's, so finding good working examples are getting rarer. 

This watch was made by Junghams in what was then Western Germany, the case is in excellent condition chrome plated with a steel back, the dial is immaculate. Inside the case is a hybrid Junghams electronic movement, which is running perfectly. 

'Cosmetically overall this is in excellent condition for its age. 

1970’s Junghans Data Chron Electronic Gents Watch

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