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1970's Nino Gents Automatic Watch. 


Now this sad horological story is about timing, bad timing.

Montres Nino SA opened at the tail end of the 1960's and produced some very nice Mechanical watches, they designed in house and outsourced the movements to other Swiss houses. However they didn't know was that shortly after they opened and just as they were beginning to make some headway they were struck by a veritable Tsunami of cheap Japanese Quartz Watches, which knocked them and numerous other Swiss producers of mechanical watches out of the ball park, so by the early 1980's they had closed, a brief interlude, but very very collectible as you can imagine they were only in production for just over 10 years in terms of Swiss Watch companies that's a blink of an eye. So Nino watches are already being snapped up.

This model is in excellent condition barely a scratch on it, the chrome plate case with steel back has barely a scratch on it, the dial is impeccable no ageing whatsoever.

Inside the case is a Swiss 17 Jewel Lever Automatic movement

Cosmetically overall in excellent condition and running well. 

1970’s Nino Gents Automatic Dress Watch

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