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Funny thing, years ago we'd have never considered brands like Lucerne, Mu Du, Fero Feldman, and a dozen others to be part of our collection, but there has been a re-evaluation of these watches primarily produced from the 1950's through to the 70's. Yes some of them are basic pin pallet movements and some very basic 17 Jewel Swiss movements but our thinking is that  they provided a decent watch for a very reasonable price and that some of the designs were very good indeed. In addition as time has passed these inexpensive watches are getting more valuable as less and less working models are left in circulation. 

So here we have a 1960's Lucerne Gents Dress Watch with a Liberty Coin dial, ok, so there's a bit of plate loss on the sides of the watch it's gold plated with a steel back, the dial looks in excellent condition.

Inside the case is a Swiss Jewelled Lever movement 

'Cosmetically Overall this is in very good condition and r

1960’s Lucerne Liberty Coin Gents Dress Watch

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