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This a a pretty rare beasty ! 1960's Control DevLuxe Gents Parking Meter Watch and unusually an Automatic to boot We've seen these watches around but this is the first one we've owned and it's a bit nice !


Nowadays we just pay for our parking via Apps on our mobile phones but back then these Parking Meters were coin slot fed and heaven help you if you didn't have the right change. These watches were created with a 60 min timer which would alert you when your meter was about to expire and gave you a chance to avoid a parking ticket ! 

The watch has a chrome plated case with a steel back and is in very good  condition. Equally the dial and timer show almost no signs of age.

Inside the watch is a Swiss Jewelled lever Automatic Movement 


Cosmetically Overall this is in very good condition and is running very well. 


1960’s Control De Luxe Minustop Parking Meter Automatic Gents Watch

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