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1950's Croton Nivada Grenchen Gents Dress Warcb.


This watch is a Nivada Grenchen but has a shield logo with the letter C this stands for Croton who distributed Nivada Watches in the USA, the reason the watch is called Nivada Grenchen is because Movado and Nivada had an agreement made in 1939 that because Movado accused Nivada of being  phonetically  alike,  Nivada had to retail their watches in the US with the added word Grenchen which is the Swiss town where they are based to distinguish themselves from the name Movado. Over the decades these two brands have found themselves facing each other more than once, it's fascinating ! 

Anyway, here is an absolute corker of a classic watch, the case is steel and very good condition the dial shows only  little sign of wear and is in good condition, the watch has had a new glass fitted. 
'Inside the case is a 17 Jewel Swiss Lever Movement signed Nivada 

Cosmetically overall this is in very good condition and running very well. 

1950’s Croton Nivada Grenchen Gents Dress Watch

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