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1919 Elgin Pershing Armistice Military Gents Watch 


when America entered the First World War in 1917  Elgin, Waltham and a few other American watch brands supplied watches to the military at the wars end, Elgin announced the as some kind of Armistice bonus they could release three Military style models to American consumers, the three watches were named after the best known Generals of the three Allies, so there was the Kitchener (UK) Foch ( France ) and the Pershing, named after General 'Black Jack' Pershing the head of the American Expeditionary Force. 

This model is in very good condition, the nickel silver case has a few minor dings but nothing that 100 years of wear won't do, the dial shows practically no signs of wear. 
Inside the case is a 15 Jewel Lever Movement signed Elgin USA

Cosmetically overall in very good condition and running well 


1919 Elgin Pershing Armistice Military Watch

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