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WW2 Rima Automatic Pilots Watch belonging to a War Hero.

This watch belonged to First Lt. Pike B.Martin Jnr, hailing from Fresno California, born in 1918 and enlisted in 1941 he was a fighter pilot with 395th Fighter Squadron, better known as The Panzer Dusters, they mainly flew P47 fighters and after D.Day were based out of Cardonville Airfield in France, where on the 16th August 1944 he was tragically killed, shot down by flak whilst on an important reconnaissance mission. For which he was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross.


As If having been owned by a War hero wasn't enough this watch itself is pretty rare, made by the Rima Watch Co Switzerland, its an Automatic watch , which in 1944 was rare in itself, as Automatic Watches were still a pretty new phenomenon, having been invented by John Harwood and patented in 1924, the movement in this watch is an AS117 in production between 1935 to 1945 and is an early bumper automatic refined from the original Harwood model.


So all in all, what we have here is a very rare watch indeed.

Thr case is Chrome plated with a steel back and is in very good condition, the dial shows very little sign of wear, the movement is a AS 117 Bumper Automatic Swiss Movement


Cosmetically overall in excellent condition and running well.

WW2 Rima Automatic Pilots Watch belonging to a War Hero, Very Rare !

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