Russian Kirova Type 1 Military WW2 Watch 

Whilst the Americans had A11 Hack Watches made by Elgin, Hamilton, Bulova and Waltham and the British had Longines, Jeager Le Coultre, Omega and Timor, the Russians had this, monsterously large, hard as nails, and tough as old boots wrist watch. Most of these were made in the First State Watch Factory which later became Poljot Watches. Factories during WW2 were  producing these in large quantities from a number of strategically placed factories in different Russian cities, These large watches  were  a throwback to WW1 designs.The movements were 15 rubies usually and were made to be functional with the minimum of complications. 
This watch is in pretty condition for its age, chrome plated case throughout with welded on lugs, it's pretty huge ! The dial shows some signs of wear but the numerals are clear and visible

inside the case is a 15 Ruby Russian Movement. 
Cosmetically in good condition and running well 


Soviet Russia WW2 Kirova Type 1 Gents Military Watch